How to: Reach more of your fans on Facebook

Shout it from the mountainPosting a status on Facebook is like shouting into a megaphone on Mount Everest: What a thrill to think you’ll be heard far and wide!

Not really.  The bottom line is that you’re not heard that far or wide. Many of your fans simply won’t see the message. On Facebook, maybe 10 or 15 or even 20% will see your message organically – but what about the rest?

Recently, Facebook added the Promote tool for brand owners like you to guarantee that more of your fans will see your post in their feeds.

Promote Your Post

Next time you share your POPshop on Facebook, consider clicking Promote at the bottom right of the post. You can enter an amount to pay and get more impressions seen by fans. It’s not an expensive investment at all, and when using the Promote tool for ecommerce campaigns, you know you’re likely to get your money’s worth. ROI will be achieved when your sales will cover the cost of promotion.

Only thing left to do is to make sure your product’s POPshop is ready to be seen by all!


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