It’s time for ecommerce to meet impulse commerce

Danielle Lei is a thirteen year old girl scout from San Francisco. A couple of months ago, like every good Girl Scout, she participated in the annual cookie drive. Instead of going door to door to try and sell her cookies she decided to open a cookie stand on one of the City’s side streets. Within two hours Danielle sold 117 cookie boxes, in an astounding pace of a box per minute and almost finished her entire inventory. One small detail that was not yet mentioned is the exact location of Danielle’s stand- it was right in front of a medical marijuana clinic. All those green cross patients with a bad case of the munchies just couldn’t resist Danielle’s delectable cookies.

So what can be learned from this small tale of victory? Danielle brought her products to customers when they were most susceptible to her messages thus taking advantage of impulse buying. None of Danielle’s customers planned to buy cookies that afternoon, but when they were presented with the opportunity they just couldn’t help themselves.

Catching up with offline

Today more than 60% of offline commerce is driven by impulse buying. Merchants and advertisers are well aware of this fact and focusing a lot of their efforts and marketing cash on creating and utilizing momentary impulses and turning them into a sale. Surprisingly, the usually trail-blazing online world is left far behind. Most of online sales are search driven rather than impulse driven. Meaning, online sales as a whole are very passive- waiting for a client to search for a product and most marketing cash is spent on improving visibility and appearance once a search has been made.

It’s time for the online world to catch up with the offline one and start taking advantage of impulse decisions to ramp up sales. If you are an online seller you would be wise to tap in to this immense virtually untouched potential and use it to increase your sales. Instead of waiting for customers to search for products and maybe find your online store, try and seek them out and create instant demand. A great way to start creating demand and evoking impulse purchases is seeking your customers out on social networks. People are spending around 27% of their online time on social networks (and the numbers are growing exponentially), almost 4 times more than the time spent on ecommerce sites. Research shows that while users are on social networks their guard is down and they are more susceptible to messaging. Meaning, they are also more likely to act on an impulse and purchase an item they may not have been planning to purchase. Here are the 3 basic rules designed to awaken potential customers’ hidden impulse and cause a spontaneous purchase:

1. Get their attention - start out with a great photo of your product along with a short description.

2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse - combine the photo with an attractive limited time offer.

3. Extend your reach - use Facebook advertising to help you target your audience and reach people that are more likely to buy, because as Danielle taught us, the right targeting is everything!

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Online seller? Test yourself

As an online business owner with endless opportunities to sell your products you must often wonder- where should you concentrate your efforts? Should you be paying to be featured on an online marketplace and if so which one?

To help you with your dilemma we have devised a short test aimed to help you figure out where and how you should sell your products. Just answer the questions and add up your score to see what best fits your needs.

How long have you been selling your products?

  1. Just getting started, under a year.

  2. A little over a year, still early days but starting to get my bearings.

  3. It’s been forever, remember when eBay and Amazon started out? I was there!

Are you selling full time or do you still have a day job?

  1. Day job, for sure! Need to pay bills somehow.

  2. Still have a part time job, selling my products the rest of the time.

  3. This is my day, noon and night job! Selling my products online 24/7

Pardon my candor- but are you making any money?

  1. Umm… Not really, a buck or two here and there.

  2. Starting to see some nice profits, but would definitely be happy to increase my numbers.

  3. I’m rolling in dough!

Are you already selling on any large online selling platform, such as amazon or eBay? If so, do you have a high rating and lots of reviews?

  1. Are you kidding me? I wish!

  2. I’m there but don’t really have lots of reviews

  3. Have you heard of top rated sellers? Well, I’m one of them

How much traffic are you getting?

  1. Traffic? Well, I always get stuck in traffic driving home from work.

  2. Not as much as I would like.

  3. Have tens of thousands of unique visitors each month and my numbers are only growing.

How computer savvy are you?

  1. I’m a bit of a technophobe; I can definitely use my email and Facebook but not much more than that.

  2. I’m not bad, know my way around the internet and MS Office.

  3. Totally savvy, not much I can’t do.

16-18 points

You’re a master of online selling! You’re probably rated high on a few platforms and are doing very well for yourself. You don’t really need any advice except to keep up the good work!

11-15 points

You’re off to a good start but there is plenty of room for improvement. Using large online platforms is basically wasting your time, energy and money at this point. You will have trouble achieving high ratings and accumulating as many reviews as veteran sellers already have. A good way to widen your audience and reach is by utilizing your social networks. Sell your products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. and you will see just how much more engagement you can get. Stop waiting for shoppers to find you and start looking for your shoppers. Try selling from right inside your feed; you will be amazed with the results!

6-10 points

You’re just getting started with your online business and you probably feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of competition out there. If you are thinking of starting out with the large online platforms, let me save you some time and money- DON’T! You won’t be able to compete with the rated, reviewed veteran sellers and you’ll just get lost in the mix.  An amazing way for small businesses to start building an audience is selling in social networks where customers are spending most their time. Instead of waiting for shoppers to find you start going after them in their feed. Take advantage of spur of the moment decisions by selling from right inside customer feeds and you will be growing in no time.

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Facebook’s 10th birthday – The gift that keeps on taking

Facebook turned 10 this week and on this notable occasion we have all been bombarded with an array of extremely impressive numbers- users, likes, shares, revenues and number of employees.

Feeling overwhelmed by the data? Wondering how it affects you as an online seller?

We’re here to give you your own gift for Facebook’s B-day and show you the numbers that matter to you and not only to Facebook’s stock value.

Bet you didn’t know that…

So here are some numbers that might surprise you and definitely should make you rethink the way in which you use Facebook as a marketing tool:

  • 6%- is the percent of your audience that your post is reaching. Due to Facebook’s recent policy changes if you have a 10000 fans your posts reach only 600 of them while Facebook blocks the remaining 94%.

  • 2% engagement- if only 2% or less of your fans are “talking about” your page it is good as dead, time to vamp it up with relevant content to build buzz and added traffic.

  • 1 million- that’s the number of small business pages that join Facebook every month. Pretty tough to stand out in such a crowd. Try and find your unique advantage and really emphasize it.

  • 4% – only 4% of FB pages have more than 10000 users, 23% of pages have more than 1,000 fans but 80% of your sales will come from your close fans….

  • 10$ a week in advertising will buy you reach to about 14,000 new potential shoppers in the US.

  • 42% of fans of small business pages “Like” them because they are interested in participating in competitions or would like to receive a coupon. Reward your fans once in a while and keep them loyal.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, no doubt about it, and it will only become more powerful in the future – but it’s not a magic pill. It isn’t really free of charge and it isn’t effort free either. In order to harness the power of your Facebook page you must be willing to make an investment, both in time and money. Remember, Facebook advertising is still much cheaper than any other form of advertising and its ROI is much easier to evaluate. So make Facebook’s second decade count for you and maybe in 10 years the whole world will be celebrating your 10th birthday

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The IN and OUT of Online Selling



One store with many different products. Your shoppers are bamboozled with so many products they are not interested in instead of the one they want.

Each of your products has its own personalized store. Why settle for one store with all of your products when you can have one store for each? This way you can sell each of your products specifically to the people that are interested in it.

Your store

How are you selling your different products?

A huge gallery showing your product from every possible angle. If you are trying to bore your customers this is a sure fire way of doing just that.

One kick ass picture. Your customers have a short attention span; don’t bore them with a whole gallery of pictures. Instead choose one truly amazing picture that gives them the best view of your product.

Product picture

How are you displaying your product?

Wait for them to come to you. You’ve built a store and that’s about it. You have the merchandise, you have the shop so you are sure customers are bound to follow- sadly you are mistaken.

Hunt them down where they are at. Your potential shoppers are all over the world wide web; mainly on social network instead of waiting for them to visit your store why not send your stores straight to their social feeds. If you wait for them to find you, guess what- it’s going to be a long wait.


How are you attracting shoppers to your on-line store?

Long endless description. You love your product, you believe in it, you think it has a million and one benefits and you feel a need to share each and every one of them with your shoppers. Beware- you are testing their patience.

Short and to the point! Have I mentioned- short attention span? No need to go on and on, make it easy for your customers and keep it snappy!

Describing your product

granny japanese-street-fashion

Who are your customers?

You don’t really know… they might be on a news site, searching google, checking their email or updating their status on Facebook. Not knowing where your customers are might prove to make it very hard to sell to them.

Social networks, social networks, social network, have I mentioned- social networks? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it- your customers are probably there.  Most of the young demographic spend their virtual time mainly in social networks, so being there is probably a great idea.

Where are your customers?

Total hassle! Finding the one item they want in a group of many.

Total ease. No scrolling through an endless list of stuff they don’t want to buy, customers go straight to the store the sells what they want.

Customer experience

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Holiday season sales tip: Dodge the crowds… of other sellers

It’s finally here: The biggest shopping season of the year. With Thanksgiving only 48 hours away and Christmas in less than a month, take advantage of the sales spirit and make sure to be where your potential customers are already shopping – online.

According to’s eHoliday survey, “half of retailers surveyed (51.1%) are planning to start their Thanksgiving weekend online promotions at least five days before the big weekend.”

Don’t let your own deals drown among the crowds. While major retailers dress up their websites for the cyber shopping season, take your storefronts inside customers’ social feeds. That way you ensure your products are most definitely seen and more likely to be purchased.

Have you already begun your holiday campaign this season?

Online Sales: ready for holidays?

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Selling services with GETONIC: How Melissa Jones, sexologist, markets mini-sessions

Sure, selling digital products and physical merchandise with GETONIC POPshops seems obvious. What about selling services, like courses, repair, or even mini-sessions with a known sexologist?

Melissa Jones is a sexologist based in Texas, where she has operated her practice for the last three years.

“I provide little mini-sessions for those who want to see what a sexology consultation is all about,” says Melissa. “Each mini-session includes an exercise and a link to a little video where I give some tips on how to get the most out of the activity.”

She sells each mini-session through its own POPshop, so clients can pick and choose.

“Clients really like these little sessions because it allows them to see what I do before they commit to scheduling a full session with me.”

Melissa learned about GETONIC simply by searching online. “GETONIC works for me because they make it so easy to upload documents and promote them. My advice is to use a catchy image and title for your store that accurately describes what you’re selling.”

Check out an example of Melissa’s POPshops below and view her site here.

Inspired? Create your own funky POPshops now.

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Sales boost: Grab your window shoppers with FOMO

Combine the power of perceived popularity with Fear Of Missing Out and clinch the sale.

As your product comes close to selling out, alert your fans to the fact that they are only 30 or 20 or 5 items from missing out on the deal.

By sharing the level of product demand along with an indication that time is running out, entice wavering window shoppers to finally click Buy.

Grab the window shoppers!



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Sales boost: People ‘n products make images pop!

Don’t leave your product just hanging there!

Instead of just a product image, show a more personalized photo with people actually wearing, using or enjoying your merchandise. Relying on a stand-alone photo of your product might mean your customers aren’t getting the whole… picture.

Show us your best product image! Leave us a comment with a link to your POPshop.

pop your product image

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Seller tip: Stand out by standing apart

Feeling like “a small fish in a big pond”? With around 2,707,766 results for ‘bag’ on eBay and 902,915 for ‘bracelet’ on Etsy, it’s no simple matter to get noticed in the crowd.

Instead of (or in addition to) setting up shop with the the seller masses, display your storefront where the customer crowd is already standing, waiting to hear from you: your social networks!

Did you know? Sell your existing deals from eBay, Amazon and Shopify on your social networks! Easily import your existing product offerings from eBay, Amazon and Shopify to GETONIC and instantly create a POPshop for each! Try it:

Have you tried it yet? Share your success story in the comments!

Stand out fish

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Today’s pro tip: Think outside 9-5

While people are at work, are they shopping online? If they are, best not to tell their bosses! Most people are watching their social feeds during the evening, while brands and sellers usually shut down at that point too. That gives you the benefit of grabbing extra user attention!

So remember that when you choose your posting schedule – off-hours are sale hours!

What do you think? If you agree, share this tip!

GETONIC 9to5 sales

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